Juvenile Detention Center (JDC)

The Burlington County Juvenile Detention Center provides a New Jersey Department of Education-compliant educational program to students awaiting court disposition. Upon admission, the students' home school districts are contacted to determine grade level, general or special education programming, and credit status. If a student is eligible for special education, his or her IEP is implemented at JDC. An Individualized Program Plan (IPP) is developed for a general education student.

School is mandatory at JDC. All teachers are state certified. Courses offered include: English, math, social studies, science, health and physical education, personal financial literacy, and Basic Skills instruction. Student progress is reported to the resident school district at regular intervals in order for credits to be posted for attendance and work completed. Carnegie units, alternative curriculum, and project-based learning are all approaches utilized to provide the student with the best opportunity to earn a high school diploma. Statewide standardized tests are administered, as well, to meet graduation requirements.

Guest speakers, special programming (Black History Month, Job Fair, Law-related education), educational games, technology, and graduation exercises highlight the educational experience at JDC.


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