Deaf & Hard of Hearing (D/HH) Comprehensive Child Study Team

We provide comprehensive, timely and thorough
D/HH Child Study Team (CST) Evaluations for the State of New Jersey!


What Makes Our D/HH Child Study Team Unique?

  • Our Deaf & Hard of Hearing Comprehensive Child Study Team is uniquely trained to work with the D/HH population, ensuring that your student receives a reliable, professional, and comprehensive assessment.
  • Our specialized assessment team and interpreters have been extensively trained by Gallaudet University (the only Deaf university in the nation), whereby ensuring that administration of measures and recommendations are valid and follow best practice!
  • Our team includes highly trained, NJDOE Certificated Educational Interpreters, who have performed above the NJ requirement on the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA).
  • Our Team ensures that your student’s specific needs are identified and addressed!
  • Our comprehensive Child Study Team also evaluates Children of Deaf Adults (CODA’s), as their native language is generally American Sign Language. Which could affect their English literacy, language, social and emotional development. Our team recognizes and works with this population’s multi-cultural and multi-lingual needs.
  • Our highly trained specialists understand the breadth and scope of the D/HH learner including: Deaf culture, Cochlear Implants, Auditory Processing and all language and communication modalities (i.e., ASL, aural/oral).
  • Our Team works closely with the publishers of various assessments and Gallaudet University to ensure that all results are valid and meet the unique needs of your D/HH student.

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