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Hybrid eService Model

Department of the Educational Services Unit is celebrating over 15 years of high quality Services offered as a We at ESU recognize the various service and educational delivery needs of districts, students and teachers. It is because of this, that we have created our unique Hybrid eServices! The Hybrid e-service model provides direct, real-time support for professionals. These services combine the best features of in-district, classroom, and student consultation sessions with the convenience and advantage of virtual support and training, all with our highly qualified NJDOE certificated staff who specialize in all areas offered.

Our Coaches are NJDOE certified Special and General Education Teachers who work collaboratively with your staff to develop best practice methods for differentiation of instruction. Strategies and modifications are shared to help ensure a successful classroom and learning environment. Consultative support can be provided in both the general and special education settings, as well as pullout replacement and self-contained classrooms. Services begin with an initial in-person classroom observation and teacher meeting. Regular consultation is offered via email, phone and/or online to support teachers in implementing strategies into the classroom. Google Platform (Docs, Forms, etc.) is used to share materials and ideas to support strategies in real-time is also included.

  • Address cognitive, physical & educational needs through the use of low, mid, and/or high levels of technology, driven by individual needs
  • Provide students with equal access to their curriculum through a systematic and controlled approach
  • Provide access to academic goal(s) that the student is currently unable to achieve within the classroom setting to help support skills that are already in place
  • Empower students so that they can reach their full academic potential

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