Executive Functioning Support

Executive Functioning (EF) Coaches:

Our Executive Functioning (EF) Coaches are NJDOE Certified Special Education Teachers who model services after the RTI (Response to Intervention) approach to learning. Our approach concentrates support on a universal level for an entire classroom, through intensive level services targeting individual students, or via one hour staff presentations. Services include initial classroom observation, regular consultation with the teacher via email, phone and/or online to support teachers in implementing strategies into the classroom setting with increased success and use of the Google Platform (Docs, Forms, etc.) to share materials and ideas for support in real-time.

What is Executive Functioning?

Executive Functioning (EF) is a set of neurologically brain-based skills that students require to successfully complete tasks large and small. Often, skills such as sustained attention, organization, planning, time management, self-regulation, and task initiation are underdeveloped requiring a novel approach to learning with guided teacher support.

Why Use ESU's Executive Functioning Services? What Makes Us Different?

Superior Qualifications:
All of our coaches hold Master’s Degrees, with rich and varied backgrounds in Executive Functioning and R.T.I (Response to Intervention).

Convenience and Comfort:
Services are provided within the student’s school and/or online via video conferencing.

Consistent Communication:
We believe in a collaborative framework in which communication is paramount for student, teachers, and parent.

Unique Behavioral Coaching Model

Our coaches are trained in an evidence-based model of behavior, whereby they can identify a student’s mindset and are able to apply tools and techniques tailored specifically to the student’s identified needs.

Customized Services

Services are customized based upon your district need. This allows our coaches to assist teachers in creating a road map for student success through teacher-mediated support. Services include in-person and e-service sessions as well as online support via the Google Platform.

Services include:

  • Classroom support
  • Classroom model with extended support services for teacher and/or students
  • Individual student and/or teacher support sessions
  • Teacher and mentor support to work collaboratively to enhance teacher preparedness as it relates to EF
  • Presentations during Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
  • Round table discussions during PLC sessions
  • Professional Development (PD) series after school
  • Webinars
  • Presentations for district administration during and after school hours
  • Presentations for parents after school hours

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